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You found a computer. What happened to the owner?

Winner of Free Knowledge Game Jam >> #wmdegamejam

We made this game along with our friends from the Cologne Game Lab: Maximilian Borsich, Georg Droste and Balint Mark

All video footage taken from the Preilinger Archive

>> This is a game jam build, so there are still a few bugs. We are working on a full version, with more content and things to do (out February-March)

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AuthorGabriel Helfenstein


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This is the best horror game i ever played. I would cut the final jumpscare tho. 


I was creeped out. Only a very small handful of games have ever managed to do that, and I have played many. Good job!


Very neat game, intriguing to play. Loved the narrative and audio, nicely done indeed. Great stuff!


I'd really love to play this game!
However, when I launch the game, the screen is really zoomed in so I can only see a small section of the screen. I have tried downloading it multiple times! Does anyone know a fix for this issue?

Really, really late (lol) but it did that for me too in the default resolution. Change it to something else in the Unity startup screen, 1920 x 1080 worked for me.

Didn't work for me :(

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I did play this game on my channel. Loved the 'horror' aspect of it and the questioning of everything. However, the only thing I didn't like is the fact that I didn't understand the ending (Although I know you are working on a full version, still wanted to let you know of what I thought with this build). It just stopped, in my opinion, abruptly at the end. Other than that, great intriguing game! Links are below:

Part 1

Part 2 (END)

What happened to your channel? The videos are private


Nothing happens after December

Seriously?... December is the last month in a year...

December, actually, is the first file that you have to open. The story begins there, and ends in november.


i disagree: the textfile in december says something like "the fire last year", so it actually IS the last month, my theory is that [SPOILER-WARNING] we are supposed to be the pc owner, going crazy and thus not knowing we are using our own pc. after all the last sentence of the game is "nothing has changed" indicating that the city didnt change at all. its all just in our imagination, maybe we are traumatized by the fire and slowly loose sanity over the year...


Quick playthrough. Pretty good game, felt like it needed a jump scare at the end of someone burnt in the fire or something though.

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Downvote posting because free advertisement of indie games is definately a bad thing. Face palm.

Thank you for your service...


Down voting this video because rushing through a game like this is idiotic. Remind me never to subscribe to this person

You didn't watch the videos to the end and you barely read the notes. There was no intro and no communication. You looked so bored that I honestly thought you were being held at gunpoint to play.

Oh, and then you cried over downvotes. Just give up.

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just gotta play the game, they will open for you...