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I saw this game at the A Maze! I'm glad I revisited it after just spending some minutes with it. Very atmospheric and surreal. Thanks for the experience!

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After I died in the mine, I couldn't concentrate (accelerate) the next time I went there (is that a bug?), and I couldn't complete the challenge. Also when I quit (Alt+F4) and started the game again, it hadn't saved my progress. Is there a menu somewhere?


Fantastic. We need more things like this in the indie community.

Watch it here

I liked having to figure things out on my own, I really felt like a stranger to a foreign land, though sometimes the task required wasn't clear enough and it lead to some frustrations that put a bad taste in my mouth.

Specifically there's a task where you dont get a note telling you what you need to do until after you've done it. With the only connection being that one of the things in the city is sleeping. A large leap of logic at par with a point and click adventure.

Still it looked incredible, and the mood set was grand. Totally worth a try if you're thinking about giving it a download.

Looks like an interesting game & concept! Any chance of a Linux version? :)


Hey, we are still working on a mac version. Linux might come later, but I can't guarantee anything right now.


Hello, I finished your game and done a video, I found the game to be very entertaining and different to what I thought it would be like. Took me some time to figure out but I love the concept. You should put this on Gamejolt and I give you 5/5. Gameplay link is below:

YouTube: Fellowplayer


Cool, nice video! I will put it on Gamejolt soon. I'll keep you posted.

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