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Apply for asylum in a city filled with strange creatures.

WASD or Arrows to move / Mouse click to interact


The soundtrack of the game is included in the download.

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(81 total ratings)
AuthorGabriel Helfenstein
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Noir, Sci-fi, Walking simulator, weird


Buy Now5.00€ EUR or more

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This needs an epilepsy warning on it

WTH were those weird blob things in the elevator???

looks nice!


A great little game about...well maybe it´s better to not tell what it´s about.

It was a neat experience, a wonderfully haunting and depressing world with some dark humor. 

The controls are a bit stiff and there are some minor graphical / colliosion / texture bugs but nothing major at all and it didn´t hinder or break the game.

Is it art though? 

In my humble opinon, yes it is.


Oe! very sci-fi looking game, looks cool. Just made a sci-fi game myself for this game-jam, love the idea that basically anything is possible aslong as it looks futuristic ;)  https://itch.io/jam/neoc02-spacejam/rate/714795


I reviewed NORTH a few years ago after playing it on my Switch. While I appreciated some of the artistic choices made here, it's simply lacking in any substantial commentary and the almost nonexistent gameplay doesn't help. There's some great art direction throughout the game, but that's just about the only positive I can list.

I'm creating NORTH's post at my website right now and I'm adding this video to it.


Best game I've ever played. GODDAMN AWEOSME graphics, fantastic plot, nice surrealism and fucking great atmosphere. Bought it on steam for 2$ and still think that and do not regret it


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Unsettling, unique, and thought-provoking. I am so glad works like this are part of what gaming is now.


I played this game with Nintendo Switch. It was a really pleasur to appreciate the level design and the ambiant. Remind me 1984 by George Orwell.

Those differents levels with so strange structure are wonderful. The soundtrack was also a hit.

Except the controllers with the switch, the game is very good


wow, so I paid money for this absolute garbage on switch, which is totally unoptimized and has nothing other than a weakly threaded together 2deep4u plot (yet incredibly on the nose and obvious) and literally NO gameplay to speak of other than plodding around unlit, undecorated corridors to solve puzzles that a four year old could probably handle...I think, hey, maybe if i contact the developer through twitter somebody can at least apologize for wasting my time. nope, devs are too spineless to maintain a public profile.  find this page only to see that this piece of shit is being given away for free after I paid for it? no way to get a refund on switch either. fucking terrible. never make one of these "games" again.


This game is anything but enjoyable. I understand that there is art in it, and I see what they’re trying to do with the whole immigration thing, but it’s awful. Slow moving from the start, you go into some places, hit some things, and sort of kinda begin to understand this. Again, I realize it’s meant to be this way. You make your way through the game, I applaud you if you never used a walkthrough, I sure as hell did for the cameras and a bunch of other things. They did a poor job making the game, crashes 1/2 the clicks, and lags way too much. Additionally, this game should have been free on the switch just like on windows, mainly because the mines didn’t even work on the switch, no hint of which button you press to go faster, way too little time, bob knowledge of the healing bay, all until an update. Also, when you finish the game, you kind of have to close it. Not sure why. I like the story and how it works, but not the crashes, etc. please email me at driscollowen@gmail.com if you have any input or such  

I tried to play this on Switch but the mines is not possible, maybe from lag on that system. I tried the mines for an hour but could only ever get 1 orb (the one on the right when you go in).


Having the same problem, can’t complete the mines on Switch. Also there doesn’t seem to be a way to take the accelerant drink again after you die, also rendering it impossible after the first try. 

Also, not being able to change the controls (to invert camera or lower sensitivity) makes this incredibly frustrating.  Maybe that’s the point, but it sucks. 


What's most scary is this has been and in some places still is a reality.

My edited gameplay  of North


Tried to play the game, unfortunately got stuck at the picture of human face muscles and since I tried everything I could think of to look somewhere else, it just didn't work (I'm not a skilled gamer nor technician though). I closed the app and reopened it, but my adhd ass didn't let me sit through the intro again.


Another neat experience Outlands. Very bleak and oppressive both in terms of the atmosphere and story. Dark but highly enjoyable stuff.


Bought this ages ago but forgot to finish it. I finally did and it was awesome :)

The 'gamey' parts weren't very interesting to me, but I really like the style and mood. Especially the intro sequence and the end are beautiful. The way the story is told through letters only after you've done something worked surprisingly well.

So here's my dilemma...

I downloaded this game from Itch.io a few days ago. I played it, loved it. Real good game, great. 

Then tonight, I am going through my Steam Library, and i remember I have purchased it. With real money. If I can furnish evidence of my copy, how can I acquire a copy of the soundtrack? 


didn't you get the soundtrack on steam? 

If you send me your email adress somehow, I can send you the soundtrack.  I don't think there is private messaging on itch, but you can send us a message on twitter for example.


How do you play the game???????? -_- -o- +_+

Absolutely loved this game! Put it at the top of my latest game list.

Strange game! I kind of broke it in the end, but it was an interesting experiece!

Part 2 of the strangest game I've ever played. Still loved it though!

One of the strangest game's I've ever played but also one of the most interesting.

(1 edit)

Still very impressive game!

And the intro is just super emotional:

I also made a German language LP:

Any chance of a Mac version?


The dark, brooding city is a character in itself. At every turn you are made to feel like a stranger in a strange land, and it never gets any easier.

Quite unlike any other game out there, its art direction and music are spectacular. Go check it out for yourselves.

I wish the developers the best of luck in their future projects, can't wait to explore the strange new worlds you conjure up.


I definitely don't have enough time to get all of the stones at the mines. Maybe this is because of lag? I see videos where people gather all of the stones without backtracking to the entrance even once.

no credit card payment option?

cool never played but now i can!!


Really nice Game, loved the experience. Is this game symbolysing the immigration of people from texas to the usa? It felt like it to me even though i know very little about the topic as a european. Can somebody tell me what the mother stands for? Capitalism?


I see that I write notes down at the bottom left, but how do I access these notes?


By leftclick onto the postboxes that you will find on every floor. If you have no letter it will read you have nothing to say.

hey, how do i stop the game crashing at startup, what are the minimum requirements to run it?

I really want to play this game, it definitely interests me, and I downloaded it, unzipped the .zip file, clicked the game, saw the "Unity" logo flash...

And then the game crashed.

I tried a few more times, deleted the unzipped file, then tried again, made it windowed...

nothing worked.

Someone please help me because at this time I'm just ripping my hair in anger because it won't work. At all.

Same thing happened to me. Two different downloads on two different computers; Windows 7 and 10. I run the game, I get the panopticon configuration window, hit "play", see the "Made with Unity" screen, then get the message "NORTH_win.exe has stopped working". Tried running as administrator, different config settings, no dice.

This game has been absolutely beautiful. The game-play keeps you hooked, while the intriguing storyline and the strange environment put shivers through your spine. This was the best game that I have ever played from itch.io. Marvelous!


Really interesting game. The atmosphere is quite... unsettling. I really like the letters as a form of instructions.


Absolutely beautiful. Honestly I'd rate this one a must play for 2016 b/c it hits on a lot of the major sociopolitical themes that've come up this year (in the West, at least.)

The aesthetic brilliance didn't hurt, either.

You might want to warn of the flashing images in the scene on the third level - I wasn't expecting it, though flashing images don't bother me I know they're an actual medical issue for people with epilepsy. Wouldn't be too much of a spoiler to just make a note of it in the description I think.

Anyways this is one of my favorite free experiences I've had ever. Amazing job.

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